September 2016

CONSULTRANS presented the Bolivian Logistics Diagnosis in BOLIVIA'S NATIONAL TRADE LOGISTICS FORUM, which took place on 6 and 7 April in La Paz (Bolivia).The sessions held in La Paz were...  Read more

The Vitoria-Foronda airport is considered a strategic infrastructure for the whole of the Basque Country Region, both for its important logistics activity (4th freighter airport in Spain),...  Read more

Consultrans has been awarded the work for the development of a silulation model of traffic in the road system surrounding the new Donostia-San Sebastian coach station.Specifically, the...  Read more

Consultrans is providing the Murias Group with Technical Assistance for putting into operation the new Donostia-San Sebastian coach station. For six months, Consultrans will support and give...  Read more

Consultrans coordinated the organization of the successful Central Bioceanic Rail Corridor Forum held on 9 and 10 april in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, in association with Bolivia's Vice-...  Read more

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