Health and Safety

IMATHIA GLOBAL eliminates all identified risks that are associated with the provision of its services. In all other cases, IMATHIA GLOBAL proceeds according to its procedure that, in addition to the continuous identification of hazards, ensures the assessment of risks and determination of the necessary controls.

This procedure follows the methodology used by the SPA regarding the Prevention Policy, Risk Assessment and other procedures relating to health & safety, and, as such, takes into account:

  • Routine and non-routine activities.
  • Activities of subcontractors and visitors.
  • Human factors (behaviors, skills).
  • Hazards outside the workplace that may affect people in the workplace.
  • Infrastructure and equipment belonging to the organization or others.
  • Changes or proposed changes in the organization.
  • Changes in the GIS (permanent or temporary).
  • Legal obligations.
  • Design of the work areas, processes, installations, machinery and operating procedures, and organization of the work.

The methodology for hazard identification and risk assessment:

  • Is defined according to its scope, nature and frequency of review, so that it is proactive rather than reactive.
  • Provides for the identification, prioritization and documentation of risks and the implementation of appropriate controls.

When defining or reviewing these controls, the following prioritization criteria have been taken into account:

  • Elimination
  • Replacement
  • Engineering controls
  • Signals, warnings, administrative controls
  • Personal protective equipment


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