Transportation Consultancy

Mobility Centre for the City of Madrid (Spain)

Madrid City Council is developing a strategy of mobility management that will solve mobility problems in a big city in an integrated manner that allows for better and more efficient traffic management and the promotion of sustainable modes of transport (walking, cycling and public transport).

At the core of this strategy of mobility the newest iniciative is the Mobility Centre, created in September 2005. Transport systems are wide and comlex in cities like Madrid and there is also a need to provide information to its citizens and cater for the special situations that can be produced on a daily basis in the streets of Madrid. This is a project in which Consultrans provides the Council of Madrid with permanent technical assistance of transport experts in real time.

The Mobility Centre is integrated by a team of experts in Transport Planning, Transport Macro and micro modellers, Transport Engineers and GIS experts that work on a permanent basis hand in hand with the Client.