Research and Development

Technical Assistance to CDTI-Support monitoring activities of international (multilateral and bilateral) projects

The Spanish Centre of Technological Industrial Development (CDTI) is a public institution under the Ministry of Science and Innovation, which aims at improving the competitiveness of Spanish companies to promote innovation and technological development, through their own financial aid and facilitating access to third parties finance. CDTI promotes, manages and finances the Spanish participation in transnational projects, both multilateral (Eureka and Iberoeka initiatives) and bilateral (with Canada, China, Korea, India and Japan). In this contract Consultrans provides CDTI Technical Assistance services to follow-up and monitor activities for more than 1,100 international projects in the areas above mentioned, updating the database and carrying out the activities of international certification of completion for projects with date of completion until the end of 2010. Technical Assistance includes the following activities: - Obtaining the list of projects under monitoring GPP-CDTI reports - Checking the completion status of international EUREKA, IBEROEKA and BILATERAL projects - International certification of each project - Cross-cutting activities: maintenance and management of all documentation and projects database.