Research and Development

Study on R&D Cooperation Models and Success Cases in the Spanish Innovation System

The main target of the project was to carry out a study on R&D cooperation models and success cases in order to contribute to the improvement of the Spanish System of Science & Technology. The study has been performed in collaboration with the Politechnic University of Madrid, with the Innopro Research Group (innovation, industrial property and technological policy) and aimed to the DG Research and National R&D and Innovation Plan of Science and Innovation Ministry. To meet these challenges, an innovative methodology was designed to shed light about the excellence models in R&D Cooperation and on the strategies to interiorize these models by the Spanish System of Science-Technology-Enterprise. On the basis of this methodological approach, the next techniques and tasks were employed: documental and bibliographic review (desktop research), surveys, in-depth interviews to the main stakeholders of Spanish System of Science & Technology, benchmark on cooperation policies, map of initiatives in R&D cooperation at national and international levels, advanced and optimal cooperation models conceptualization, case studies development and final report drafting. The study was oriented to offer strategic options for helping to reduce the "competitive gap" in Spain within the field of R&D cooperation, focusing in the synergy generation, scale economies and competitive advantages. In short, to help the Spanish System of Science & Technology with the support of a value-added tool to improve their stakeholders ability to interact within a global environment in the area of cooperation in R&D.