Research and Development

Project "EU-SOLARIS" VII PM Preparatory Phase for the European SOLAR Research Infrastructure for Concentrating Solar Power

EU-SOLARIS is a unique distributed research infrastructure for Solar Thermal Electricity, using a common legal form, a joint management board and one access point for users. The iniatitive, included in the 2010 ESFRI Roadmap (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures), currently involves fifteen key scientific and national governmental partners from nine countries (Spain, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Israel, Portugal, Turkey), and the European Industry Association. Infrastructure upgrades of scientific partners, including new infrastructures and pilot projects, are estimated at 120 M € (until 2020). The Preparatory Phase project has a 4 years duration period and +5 Mill. € Budget. The role of Consultrans in this project has been to provide Technical Assistance for the preparation and submission of "EU-SOLARIS" project proposal to the financing institution (EU), in the framework of this FP7 Call for Collaborative Projects & Coordination and Support Actions-Preparatory Phase (CP-CSA-PP). Technical Assistance included the following activities: - Support CTAER in coordination and review of all administrative aspects regarding consortium - Support CTAER in document analysis and review for technical and budget adequacy to requirements - Attending meetings with customer - Technical secretariat and monitoring of actions arising from meetings - Advice on matters such as procedure and management of the initiative