Information technology

Implementing technology or performing R&D+i activities has become a key aspect for all organisations, leaving behind the traditional concept of developing Information Systems or purchasing programmes and equipment.

Consultrans provides technological consultancy services that examine the requirements of the organisation and the technological capacity for satisfying those requirements.

We are involved in applying new information technologies in various sectors and we have been developing information system projects for companies and Public Administrations for twenty years.

ISO 15504

With regard to quality, the TECHNOLOGY department at CONSULTRANS is responsible for the “Determination of the Software Process Improvement Capacity” and this potentially affects all professionals within the Company. As such, ABS Quality Evaluations Inc. has certified the management system as consistent with ISO 12207:2008 and evaluated it at maturity level 2 under ISO 15504 for the development, maintenance and integration of software products carried out by the Company.

Within the Company Policy, the organization has developed a Life Cycle that is followed by all projects from the initial planning through to their implementation and close. As a result of putting the Life Cycle model into practice, improvements are identified and proposed that are then analyzed and prioritized (according to cost, ease of introduction, resources required, etc.) for implementation in line with the international standards mentioned above.