Civil Engineering

Functional Design Project of the Multimodal Platform in Júndiz, Vitoria

The main object of the study is to consider future actions in the Júndiz railway area which will include the integration and coordination of activities for the management and operation of conventional goods and intermodal transport as well as standard and Iberian gauge railway management.

A functional analysis is performed on the basis of current and future characterisation of the goods traffic and the current configuration of the available installations and resources, considering the planning and operation alternatives in order to confront the logistical needs of the clients (facilities, installations,..).

The configuration of the definitive structure incorporates an outline of proposals to be implemented by phases and the commissioning of the installations is backed by functional analyses of the necessary activities and services, location, planning adaptation, necessary areas, internal relations and accessibility, etc.

This modular scheme sets out to resolve the requirements of space and the definition of the activities offered by the terminal: reception/despatch of trains, manoeuvres, loading/unloading, complementary logistic services, support areas for the activity in the terminal, etc.

Lastly, the functional Project is developed for the chosen alternative (Júndiz Multimodal Platform) with the sufficient degree of definition to enable the subsequent development of the construction project and the corresponding environmental procedure document is prepared.