What we do

Consultrans provides a wide range of services, which, together with our through knowledge of the economic sectors in which we operate, means we are able to meet the challenges entrusted to the firm and its teams by our clients, seeking solutions and putting them into practice with experience and expertise.

A perfect knowledge of the particular sector of the economy in which you are working is vital to offer quality strategic consultancy. We are well aware of this in Consultrans, and have been committed since our creation to sector specialisation, initially in the different types of transport and logistics, and later in a number of other sectors, in which we have now built up extensive experience.

Transport consultancy

Consultrans offers all the necessary services required in the different stages of any transport investment, from the preliminary studies, through the project itself, to consultancy, project management and evaluation. We have business areas specialized in road, air, rail and maritime transport.

International consultancy

Responsible for the international development of Consultrans, this area is concentrated on project management, preparation and execution, and renders services to all kinds of European institutions and international bodies.

Innovation and R+D Management

Consultrans has built up a team of experts in Public Policies on the R+D+i System (research, innovation, company ...), and in R+D+i strategy and management within public and private organisations.


Research of the technological needs of organisations, sectors, etc. Preparations of Technological Plans, management of technological projects, implementation of improvements, R+D+i plans.

Social Research

Consultrans has set up at its branch a centre of excellence for social and market research. All the company's actions in this area are directed from that centre, where new working and quality control methods are designed and major mobility studies, surveys, qualitative research and other services are performed.

Civil Engineering

An expert group of engineers with over twenty years’ experience in projects implemented both in Spain (public administration agencies) and abroad. Our area of expertise encompasses planning and implementation of public works involving linear projects and specialising mainly in railway projects.