Quality Policy

In IMATHIA GLOBAL, a company dedicated to "Differentiated Lines of Services and Multidisciplinary and Global Consulting Solutions in the World of Transportation, New Technologies and Social Knowledge, as well as Building Civil Engineering", the philosophy is to focus its activity on those sectors in which IMATHIA GLOBAL has a competitive advantage due to the experience of its staff and partners.

The mission of IMATHIA GLOBAL, therefore, is to provide a consulting service that increases the value of the companies of its clients through the application of the best technology, knowledge and experience available. IMATHIA GLOBAL acts with guarantee anywhere in the world.

As endorsement of its philosophy and mission, the Management of IMATHIA GLOBAL acquires and maintains year after year the commitment to establish, implement and maintain an Integrated Management System based on the requirements of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2008, UNE -EN ISO 14001: 2004 and OHSAS 18001: 2007, and whose strategic lines are:

• Application of a work method resulting from the combination of a perfectionist style with an attitude aimed at achieving results.

• Generation of trust and customer satisfaction based on the execution of projects and works that comply with the requirements and specifications established with customers and with the applicable legal requirements due to activity and geographical location.

• Establishment of continuous improvement as a fundamental principle of action on the basis of preventing, rather than correcting failures in processes, damage and deterioration of health and impacts and pollution on the environment, optimizing resources in favor of sustainable development.

• Creating an environment for Innovation and "communication without interference" as an identity sign that makes IMATHIA GLOBAL and all its stakeholders grow.

IMATHIA GLOBAL has as its work principles the full satisfaction of its clients, the environmental commitment and the prevention of damage and deterioration of health at work. That is why Quality, the Environment and the Prevention of Occupational Risks (SST) are basic pillars for the activity of railway and electrical works in general. Hydraulic works, buildings and roads.

The work dynamics of IMATHIA GLOBAL is based on responding to the needs of its clients, the correct completion of its works, and compliance with the agreed conditions, always preserving the safety and health of its workers. All this, framed within the framework of the protection and respect for the Environment.

The GIS that IMATHIA GLOBAL has implemented maintains as foundations for its continuous improvement the provision of services whose level of quality, respect for the environment and commitment to prevent damage and deterioration of the health of its workers, make them competitive and appropriate to the needs of its clients and their workers and the environment in which their activities are carried out.

To achieve these objectives IMATHIA GLOBAL has adopted this Quality, Environment and SST Policy, which represents the commitment of:

Preserve the safety and mental, physical and social health of its workers controlling the possible damages that may occur in the workplace through appropriate protection and prevention measures in each case.

Prevent pollution through the application of organizational and technological measures that are adequate and viable within the framework of their competence and resources.

Satisfy the attention of our services in the times and forms established for such purposes.

Operate, always, under strict compliance with current legislation, local, regional, state, community and international that is applicable, as well as respect voluntary agreements adopted or requirements from their customers.

• The continuous improvement of the system is proposed in IMATHIA GLOBAL S.A., as a priority objective

In order to comply with this Policy, IMATHIA GLOBAL has implemented a GIS with respect to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

This System of Management of Quality, Environment and SST is based on the knowledge and assessment of its processes, the dangers and damages on the safety and health of its workers derived from its activity, as well as on environmental aspects and its repercussion on environment.

All the employees of IMATHIA GLOBAL are urged to support this Quality, Environment and SST Policy, and carry out their work in such a way that the continuous improvement objectives that are established in accordance with it can be achieved. Likewise, the Quality, Environment and SST Policy is available to any person or entity that requests it.

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