About us

Ever since it was founded, Consultrans has been a strategic consultancy firm, which has been providing assistance for both Public Administrations and private enterprises.

In 1985 we decided to set up a consultancy firm, focusing mainly on the transport sector that would be able to give its customers integral solutions. We realised very early on that the integration of engineers and economist with lawyers and IT specialists was essential to meet this challenge.

30 years have gone by and we now have the satisfaction of being able to say we still have our first clients and our company has grown considerably, currently consisting of some 60 professionals, who have led Consultrans along new courses, turning it into an innovative enterprise present in several sectors of the economy, and a clear benchmark in the area of transport in Europe.

Since 2008, Consultrans is part of IMATHIA GROUP, that began its activities in 1999.


President. Julián García Valverde

Accounting. Isabel Escribese Alonso.

Human Resources & Legal. Virginia Hernando Abascal

Architecture. Francisco de Benita Harguindey

Transportation Consulting. Marcos Domínguez Sánchez

Engineering. Antonio Vilchez Fajardo

Special Projects. Susana Menéndez del Valle

Haramain Project. Rachid Berd Gómez

Information Technology. Victoria Mariño Rodriguez


"The Consultrans client can always expect creative solutions based on the rigorous analysis method of a changing reality and in the practical experience of the consultants."

"The strength of Consultrans human team consists of the combination of senior consultants with executive experience in methodologies and advanced tools."